In this game category, as the name describes it, is a set of slides that encourage competitive game between friends or strangers that wants to experience the game. It is really incredible to observe how in each lap becomes more competitive and therefore more fun, the kids will enjoy a new experience and the adults will remember the fondest memories. Definitely a magnificent option to acquire!

Characteristics that can help to choose a Track Slide

Principal Markets:

Water parks small and medium size:

This game of big size and that carries many people at the time in a ride, can be ideal to be install in a park that has high seasons with a large amount of visitants. Is one of those attractions that you don’t know who has more fun, the people who rides it or the people that watch them. The diversity of colors and course that can be manufactured will guaranty a total success in any project.

Hotels and big water complexes:

Our track slides we recommend them in places with a large number of visitants, as each journey can take up to 8 people at the same time, helping with the waiting hours or high seasons. The incredible shapes are design especially so that this attraction can be use many time without losing the fun of it.

Remodeling projects or Extension:

The best thing to do is to keep innovating the attractions of your water park, to keep being the best option when it relates in fun, and there’s no best option than this in where your visitors will enjoy of exciting competitions, we assure that is a great investment option.

Installation Requirements:


The track slide requires a minimum area of 70 square meters to be installed.

Output Tower:

The tower can be constructed in different materials in which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms with the same height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you in your budget.


Because of the big versatility of these slides they also can be constructed over a hillside, creating a different and special look.


Most of the track slide end the ride in a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely. Nevertheless they can finish in a pool that adequate to the game.


This style of slide has the quality that looks like a big toy, that has many colors and tones at the same time and looking spectacular. No matter the combinations that you decide,  all of them will achieve a beautiful rainbow in your park.


Nothing like the feeling of flying that generated by Aqualine, is made up by several tracks con a series of waves; traveling in a fast velocity over a mat in a front position upside down, until you arrive in a braking channel, and stopping almost as magic.

The aqualine can be a small one with just a pair of lines, or as big as you wish, different colors in each rail or combine inside the same, the important thing is that you will never forget a day in the Aqualine


Have you ever imagined to be inside an octopus and at the same time living the most unforgettable experience? There is nothing  like the Octopus, in which they are 8 exits that enter to the closed aquatubes of 32”, they make a spin really fast and the journey continues in a multiline slide.

The Octopus is a game of big size, with the precise color combination that will give a great personality in your project and allowing a big affluence of people in less time.


This attraction is an incredible closed slide of 32” that goes crisscross and which is installed in pairs being the smaller of two aquatubes and can be as big as your imagination decide. All the journey the riders will happily travel the slide giving twists and turns, downs at high speed, until it end in a brake channel or pool, according to your choose.