In this classification you’ll find the Speed Slides that they allow you to live intense travels very quickly, as they are the fastest on the market, with their big heights and free falls, these slides are the favorite of the people who like to take the adrenaline to the maximum.  Just as the rest of our products, these slides are made with high quality standards and guarantees safety despite the high speeds reached. Their length is a challenge to the riders giving them an unique experience so each park must have at least one attraction of its kind. Thanks to its innovative designs will live hours of maximum fun. They can adapt to any park style, depending on their size, public preferences, even they work perfectly in closed or open spaces, and can be body or boat.

Characteristics that can help to choose a speed slides:

Principal Markets:

Water parks medium and big size:

Every project should have at least one speed slide for the public with extreme preferences or adults, this way you will offer entertainment for the whole family and also will help make your park can be visited since its doors open until closing. Even though of the imposing heights, these games are design and produce to bring a maximum security of the users, and they are perfect to offer unlimited fun.

Hotels and big water complexes:

To installed these type of speed slides in parks where the audience is so diverse, and it is almost all year and all day, is simply indispensable. The public will

Update projects or Extension:

What happens with the extreme slides, to add one or many speed games, results a big event that will attract to new and more people. Our experience helps to tell that is so incredible that only with the first day of operations, the recommendations to visit your park would not wait.

Installation Requirements:


Requires a minimum area of 60 meters square to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.

Output Tower:

As the name says it is a tower, that can be constructed in different materials in which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms with the same height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you in your budget.


Can be installed in any pool already constructed or a small one, according to the needs of your project we also have the option to use a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely, without the necessity of using a pool.


In general, the speed slides are made only in one tone; but with our beautiful colors and spectacular height and the sun light reflection is a total beauty that all your guests will visually enjoy, nevertheless any combination with stand out as the elongated and streamlined shape of these slides they look for themselves.


The Kamikaze is recommended to the more experimented and brave users that likes to challenge the laws of gravity, because they are the fastest and occasionally the tallest. The only route that you have to climb to get to the tower output from there is an extraordinary experience, for later get in the kamikaze and let yourself fall allowing your emotions to release, finishing in a stop break.

The minimum elevation of the Kamilancha is 15 meters, since the beginning of the journey the Kamilancha is full of emotions. Imagine the output at high speed in a single raft or two, sliding in free fall at a high height with movements and waves out of control, that will make maximum enjoyment until ending in a pool, a stop break or a nice slow river.

Just adding a speed slide with a different exit, the experience in the Kamikaze with cabin is totally incredible and extraordinary. For a moment imagine going up to a 5 meter stairs getting to the top and enter a close cabin with a transparent cover…waiting a seconds and in the most unexpected moment the floor opens and shoots you quickly in a rectal path, we can assure you that there is nothing like the Kamikaze with cabin.

When you first read “kamilancha cerrado” you can only imagine the same slide but closed and you are right. But what is indescribable of the “kamilancha cerrado” is the journey at fast speed, with turns, unexpected up’s and downs, without knowing what is next and when will end. The “kamilancha cerrado” is a novelty that you need to try if you are a lover having unique experien