Mammoths (Family slides).

Our family slides of size 118”, are without a doubt one of the most successful of AQUAKITA has developed several of the most important international water parks. Being the slide with a big wide and width, using tubes of 4 or 6 peoples, achieving a connivance and unforgettable memories between the travelers, and for their convenience can be installed transport bands for the inflatable tubes.

Characteristics that can help to choose a family slide:

Principal Markets:

Water parks small and medium size:

This game of big size and that carries many people at the time in a ride, can be ideal to be install in a park that has high seasons with a large amount of visitants. Is one of those attractions that you don’t know who has more fun, the people who rides it or the people that watch them. The diversity of colors and course that can be manufactured will guaranty a total success in any project.

Hotels and big water complexes:

our slides they are recommended in places with a large number of visitants and wants to offer a family environment, as each journey can take up to 6 people, helping with the waiting hours or high seasons. The incredible paths and lengths are design especially so that this attraction can be use many time without losing the fun of it.

Remodeling projects or Extension

The best thing to do is to keep innovating the attractions of your water park, so that your visitants continue frequenting and recommending as the best fun option, and there’s nothing better to add an incredible family slide in where all your visitors will enjoy of exciting rides in groups, we assure that is a great investment option.

Installation Requirements:


The family slide requires a minimum area of 1900 square meters to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.

Output Tower:

The name said it a tower, can be constructed in different materials in which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms with the same height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you in your budget.


Because of the big versatility of these slides they also can be constructed over a hillside, creating a unique look.


This slide can be installed in any pool already constructed or a small one, according to the needs of your project we also have the option to use a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely, without the necessity of using a pool.


It’s important to emphasizes that thanks to our process and materials the games will always have a shining and a perfect texture, over the years the colors will remain the same looking as new. We have a big gamma in which you can create an infinity of beautiful combinations according to you logo, place or theme, standing out your water park with this amazing attraction.


This slide for excellence, because of the great size they will experience an amazing sensation of freedom traveling in a tube of 4 o 6 people. Enjoying with the pronounced downs and closed curves, traveling in course spinning from one side to another, until landing in a slow river and continuing with the fun, or else finishing in a poll and the most probably is to start over again.


The Great Python is especially design for those who like to ride the Anaconda, only that rising the adrenaline of not knowing which route taken, because the Great Python is a closed game that your expectation travels with you all the ride, until finishing in a pool or a nice slow river. Because of the big size and structure the Great Python is an indispensable icon in any successful park.