Extreme Slides

The extreme slides are games especially for those adventurers that desire to be full of emotions and double adrenaline is the principal ingredient; these extreme slides counts with big heights, steep slopes and pronounce curves. Some of them counts with cabins that release you in a fast velocity and other with obscures journeys and uncertain paths in the closed slides.

Characteristics that can help to choose an extreme silde:

Principal Markets:

Water parks big size:

This game of big size and imposing sizes exciting journeys are perfect when you want to offer an attraction that will make you stand out of the rest with your competitors, your park will rise with new public and good recommendations to your park, is just irresistible.

Hotels and big water complexes:

An extreme slide is an attraction indispensable in territories that has a big variety of water games, as it is advisable to offer a big gamma of options to captivate your guests and therefore achieving to come back year with year; remember that there’s no better publicity than a happy and satisfied client.

Remodeling projects or Extension:

Adding one or several extreme games in a park is a big event that will attract a enormous amount of people and different tastes that will give new like to your park. In Aquakita we have many options to complement or can be including on different seasons so your park always have something new and exciting to offer.

Installation Requirements:


Requires a minimum area of 400 square meters to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.

Output Tower:

As the name says it is a tower, that can be constructed in different materials in which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms with the same height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you in your budget.


Can be installed in any pool already constructed or a small one, according to the needs of your project we also have the option to use a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely, without the necessity of using a pool.


We guarantee that any of the extreme attractions and the combination that you choose will achieve the attention of passers.


The Toboloco in an exclusive attraction of Aquakita, in which generates the emotion of an extreme game from beginning to the end. Starts in a free fall of an open slide, in were you will see and fell everything that happens around you, immediately after, you’ll come up and when the climb finishes, you’ll come across an enclosed area where you will keep the suspense by not knowing when you will leave to take another drop in other open slide, your feelings will raise, and you will drive out to climb back to holding his breath and drop all the excitement in a wide open slope,
to finally end up in a straight braking or a beautiful pool.

Manufacturing with the best technology allow us to give a safe game with and great beauty; the Toboloco has the versatility to be adapted in different forms, with allows to be constructed in any water park, no matter if it’s a development or an update, big or regular dimensions. Therefore, the toboloco will make your project will be highly profitable and successful.



This game 360 that we introduce is without a doubt one of our spectacular attractions. The 360 starts by climbing the tower of 20-meters-high, later on you access in a closed booth similar to a capsule and when least expected moment the floor opens and fired at a speed of 65km per hour to start your tour of 90 meters with a drop, which leads to a large circle which traveling from start to the end and finishing in a channel brake. Any other game is so complete as the 360, making your senses to vibrate, velocity, height uncertainty, fun, finally, is an essential attraction for your demanding public.



The adrenaline will rise, emotion overflow and certainly everyone will want to repeat the Aquacoaster not once more but many times over. Is just that practically is a conventional rollercoaster combine with a fun water slide. Where you find spinnings, curves, falls and ups, that will make an unforgettable journey.



The Aquafly is a game of enormous height that begins its journey with a free high-speed crash, like the kamikaze, it will drive up to the top, but when you arrive and begin to regain your breath, you come back down with intense speed to finish your trip on a canal braking or pool. This seesaw of fun emotions is because of the Aquafly, you can live then in the individual or couple boats.



Without much to say, the name Gravity describes it itself. Is just a boat game for one or two people, that starts the exciting ride in an open slide with a brief journey, for latter drop in free fall (Gravity) down a slope at high speed and the momentum it generates back up with great force, until the gravity pulls you back down and connects you to open another slide, with many routes to choose from, and finally to a straight braking or pool.


If what are you searching for is to impress with a new game, Aqua Vortex is the one, since it is the largest of its form and structure. The Aqua Vortex is used in a boat for five people, so the fun is totally guarantee and begins to climb and descend in close aquatube with the expectation of finding a huge funnel; there the boat lost control with the swings, achieved a sense of falling to the empty due to the size of large funnel, and being connected again with other aquatube and keep going down until the exit line that you decide in the brake stop or pool.

The pendulum is a place for one or two people and it is an excellent choice, also can be very attractive because of its unique form different from the rest in the market. The journey begins when you exit the open slide to fall in a big area with the dorm of an arc form, where the raft starts swinging form one side to another spinning around without control, causing endless laughter until the gravity force makes you exit by the center of the pendulum, finishing the journey in a slow river, break stop or pool.