The special guest is the whirlpool it’s a big bowl in which you enter really fast and it starts traveling in a circular form, either in a tube or just your body and after spinning several times your exit is the center of the bowl.

Nothing like a park with a game like this, it has it all. This attraction is an imposing game because of its grand size and full of colors. The versatility of the design can make your project to be unique in the region, according to your space, pre and post-tours by the whirlpool can be closed, open, combine, short, large, anyway the only thing we can assure you is that the Whirlpool will bring to your visitants all king of happiness and emotions.

Characteristics that can help to choose a Whirlpool:

Principal Markets:

Water parks small and medium size:

This game is ideal when you want to offer a maximum diversion to your project, cause of its big size attracts the kind of audience who likes to try new sensations. The combination of colors and courses that can be manufactured will guaranty a total success in any place.

Hotels and big water complexes:

These slides they are recommended in places with a large number of visitants and by consequence a different variety of preferences. It is very important that in areas with wide territorial extension large games and stunning beauty are placed to meet the expectations of your guests, besides that they would be an incredible visual attraction, that can be appreciated in every corner of the park, being a magnificent representative icon.

Remodeling projects or Extension:

The best thing to do is to add it to a new area because it is something very different as anything common that everybody has, that will open the doors to a bigger audience with different predilections, that will remain all day having fun in your water park. Also because of the whirlpool structure brings a colorful and majestic touch for your water park.

Installation Requirements:


The whirlpool requires a minimum area of 300 square meters to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.

Output Tower:

The name says it is a tower, that can be constructed in different materials in which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms with the same height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you in your budget.


This slide can be installed in any pool already constructed or a small one, according to the needs of your project we also have the option to use a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely, without the necessity of using a pool.


Without a doubt this attraction has the most powerful views. The enormous shape and gigantic size succeed that any combination of colors will draw the attention of passers making it a tour which no one will want to leave.


This water boat game is for 4 people ideal to have fun in a group with great emotions and adventures.

With only reading the description you will want to ride it immediately, because is really fascinating! The adventure starts when 2 persons climb the same tower, but in the opposite side, starting the track each one in a slide that will enter the big bowl and start spinning by opposing sides, until the velocity slows down and they will make them exit each one in a different side, although in some occasions they will exit in the same side, to line up in the final exit and finish the ride. This game no matter how many time you repeat; each ride is different.