Body Slides


This slides are a traditional model by excellence, the one we all know with “U” shape and it should always be present at any aquatic park. The slide has a simple structural shape that allow us created unlimited paths of the same style or be combined with different attractions, that can be fabricated in a variety of beautiful solid colors or translucent. According to the public needs, they can also be in different shapes and length, closed and open.

This classic slide can perfectly be adequate in any project, from a nice residence until a mega aquatic development. It’s simple and at the moment you begin to slide you will feel a great sensation in a way that all the family can enjoy many hours, including as a viewer.

Characteristics that can help how to choose a body slide:

Principal Markets:


this game is ideal to be install to the garden of a beautiful house, in any of the color that we used will succeed giving a plus value to your property. The minimum space require for the installation is 14×14 meters and minimum development starting 15 meters, occupying a small pool for it’s coming.

Starting aquatic parks:

We have a big market in which our clients, for different reasons wish to begin with a small slide so it can be used for all ages and preferences. Nothing better than this classic game, in which can be install in a future tendency tower, and keeping adding more games and expanding your facilities. The color diversity and paths in which it may be manufactured will guaranty the success in any project.

Hotels and large water complexes:

our body slides are for a standard taste, we recommend that in places with a big amount of visitants, always should be an installation of this kind, with the course and length design especially for your space. And also the huge color gamma that we have, they can be part of a themed area for further enhancement of your park.

Installation Requirements


The slide has a body that requires a minimum area of 14 x 14 meters for the installation and having a maximum course, just your imagination and our experience!


tower: As the name says it is a tower, that can be manufactured from different materials, which may leave one or more games from the same style or different forms or height, or both different. When the project is an update, it is possible that you can adapt existing ones, helping you take care of your investment.


Because of the great versatility these slides can also be installed on pending dirt, creating a special and different look.


Practically, any pool already constructed can be used. Or you can build a small pool, according to the necessities of the project, we also have the option to use a brake channel, that is a rectal line in which the velocity keeps slowing down until it makes you stop for complete, omitting the use of a pool.



This is the original form, like a half tube. Each of the different pieces that gather the game, they are especially design for the comfort and safety of the users.


These slides have the option to put them the piece with the same size in the upper part and convert them as a tunnel, that gives a better versatility and different sensations, when it´s about the little people adds safety to their paths. The covers can be in solid colors or translucid.


There is a whole color gamma to choose, in the color by itself or combined by the same, since they will create an extra appealing to your attractions. However is important to mention that thanks to our procedures and materials, our games will have a shine and texture like no other, the years will pass and their color always will look like new.




Ideal to be install in the interactives or places with reduce areas of installation. Closed style.


The traditional measurement that has been enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.