The heart of any Water Development are the pools and rivers, that’s way we can offer different options that you can adequate them to any kind of park.

Characteristics that can help to choose an aqua wave:

Principal Markets:

Water Parks any size:

Any river or pool, it doesn’t matter the shape or area can be adequate perfectly to your project and achieve to be one of the favorite games.

Installation Requirements.

A free space to construct a pool or a river that you always dream.


Even in the resorts near the seam the Simple Aqua Wave are magnificent attractions that will bring in new public of all ages. The simulated waves and the big designs, they make us feel like we are in a real and beautiful beach, is an attractions indispensable for every water park that wants to be the number one.

The double aqua waves are an excellent choice for projects with big territory areas and a large public. Having the alternative to choose between two pools, they will really make you lose the notion between the ocean waves and fantasy or an artificial wave sea.