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Every great project success requires a previous analysis in order to assure its viability.
This is why here in Aquakita we have an specialized department in charge of performing the feasibility research that offers our valuable customers all the necessary tools to get a correct diagnose of their needs, that will help them to take the best investment decision. …

Master Planing

The Master Planning is a study that gathers all the stages of each one of the areas for a better development in your Aquatic Park, where you will visualize all the procedures in a integral and subsequent way, allowing you a organize construction, including the concept of the project, until the first day of operations.


The design is the starting point in our aquatic parks, it’s the reason that Aquakita we have focused to have the best qualified creative team for this department. Each one of our expertise brings their talent to the team individually, but with the same objective, that is to create the most incredible and fun park with exciting attractions in an ideal setting that makes your visit an unforgettable experience.


One of the pillars of our company is our engineering department. The engineering department consists of highly qualified staff, with deep understanding of structural calculations, hydraulic systems and manufacturing processes. Thanks to this, AQUAKITA can ensure correct and accurate operation of all the elements of our water parks. …


In Aquakita we are searching the best and most recent equipment, materials and process of production with the best quality, with those we construct the greatest aquatic parks in the international market. …


Other phase very important for the Aquatic Parks is the CONSTRUCTION work, is the reason why here in Aquakita, offer you this service for the construction of pools, lakes, platforms, stores, restaurants, etc. Our personal has the capacitation to go any part of the world and coordinate the subcontracting the local personal, whichever is more convenient for the construction of your project.


We know this is a subject of concern to our customers, in particular, with the installation; that is why here in Aquakita, emphasizes in the recruitment of the personal in this Department, …


The Aquakita theming specialist team with a careful selection of the material, achieves to transform dreams into real artwork, creating environments that will transport you in time and space to real and fantastic places, but always creating incredible scenes making your waterpark enviably attractive.



In Aquakita we realized that there’s investment that can be translated into tranquility.


To complement our services for you, we have a variety of products.
Where we can make a pirate área or an área of forest, we can make a complete wáter park with rest areas and food areas.



The Post-Sales Maintenance department has as primary goals to maintain the games and attractions in perfect conditions, keeping them as brand new as well as it’s correct operation to guarantee our visitors security.



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